Love thy fate

When she walked in, a chill invaded the room.
Even though her white dress radiated with light,
no one laid eyes on her, while she walked,
across the hall.
She could feel his presence.
He was there waiting for her.
Even though he wasn’t yet aware of it.
She saw him sitting down,
lost in his own mind.
His black eyes gazing the floor.
His hair,
dark like a moonless night,
leaning over his face.
She felt a surge of electricity running through her body.
‘There he is…’ She thought.
But as her body moved towards him,
she felt the shadows engulfing her.
Her very essence was becoming overwhelmed,
her light fighting with all its might to keep the darkness at bay.
“Courage” she whispered to herself,
“I mustn’t falter now. ”




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