Love thy fate (part 3)

“We are forever inter-twined you and I” she said, her icy blue eyes piercing his soul.
“We cannot escape our fates, you belong to me and I to you.”
He felt lost in her gaze, her long blonde hair floating gently, like it was stroked softly by the wind.
But there was no breeze in the room.
A sense of calm invaded him.
“You’re beautiful” he spoke.
“I am what your hearth makes me, true beauty comes from what you see.
I am yours and only yours.
For eternity I will hold you gently, striping away your sorrows and pain.
My arms will give you peace, my lips will lull you into a restful sleep.
No longer will your hearth ache, no longer will you feel alone, so come, hold my hand.” Her voice like honey, sweet, humming a seductive and passionate melody…



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