A betrayal of the soul, treason leaves a hole.

In the midst of trust an empty space is left, alone, empty, void.

A succumb to lust and excitement, an escape from loneliness, nothingness.


It is a wound that refuses to heal, in turn it bleeds into the unreal.

Where reality is raped, beaten and abused.

Leaving a superficial mask that lays on top, and hiding from view, the blood stains the room.


When hope replaces trust, with every thrust.

Tears kept inside, drown us in an anguish gasp for air.

Like a beaten dog we curl and lick the wound.


Food forgets it’s taste. joy leaves you numb, In a weak embrace.

Screaming so loud, why can’t it ever be the same.

But it’s nothing more than a wall laid on top of broken bricks.


A betrayal of the soul, a lie once told.

A fooling of the heart, hoping for a new start.

But some wounds never heal, no matter how much you crave, and beg the skies to be brave.

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