Giving a fuck

When I was little I didn’t give a fuck, well I didn’t even knew what it was to give a fuck. But one day, when I was twelve or so, somebody told me I was supposed to give a fuck, he said the whole purpose of life was to give a fuck, he told me everybody gives a fuck, you need to start giving a fuck. So I become obsessed. About giving a fuck, because I mean how much of a fuck do I need to give? A little? A lot? And what about the others, did they gave a fuck about me? And what if people found out I didn’t knew how to give a fuck? Was my life over? So I started giving a fuck about everything, I had to be sure I was giving a fuck about the right things and because I didn’t knew how to give a fuck I thought well, if I’m giving a fuck I will go all out!

But then I couldn’t sleep, my mind was busy giving a fuck, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t relax, all my mind could do was to give a fuck. I gave so much of a fuck it almost killed me.

But one day, one rainy Autumn afternoon I finally realised, the meaning of life is not, to give a fuck, I understood all I had to do was to give a little fuck, to the things that made me happy I would give a fuck, to the ones I cared about I would give a fuck. I’m way more careful now.

Now I only have a few fucks to give. I don’t want to not give a fuck about everything, the fucks I give need to mean something to me, so if I seem like a don’t give a fuck now, its probably because I don’t, give a fuck, about you.

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