New Project

I just realized what I really want to accomplish in life. my final goal before retiring.


Here is what I want:

I want to build a space colony. Somewhere between the moon and earth.

Here is what I need:





The idea manages the entity that will allow it’s creation. The team is focused solely in acquiring the means for the idea to be complete. a team member may choose to work in whatever branch of the idea in whatever position he wishes to focus on but he will only be focused on one branch and all his work must be to improve the efficiency of the branch ability to function in accomplishing it’s task to complete the idea.

Every employee is free to donate his time to the company, and will be compensated for every 10 minutes of time donated. This new unit of measurement of work done will be from here on be referred to as 10MIN.

On the 24th of every month, the number of 10MIN will be calculated and the employee compensated.

The employee will wear a watch-like bracelet that will track the amount of 10MIN the employee will be donating throughout the month in the periods between the 24th of every month.

The employee will remain in the company portfolio so long as he donates a minimum of 10 10MIN between periods of the 24th.

The company will operate on a digital level. and will have it’s head office in the west part of Glasgow Scotland.

The recruitment process will be as follows:

Interview to the idea. The initial recruitment can only be done for the active main branch of the company. The active main branch of the company is defined by the priority one task to reach the next stage of the idea completion.

Donaters that wish to donate their time to the idea for the first time will need to complete a successful interview of the idea.

During the interview process the donater will need to ask the 5 mandatory questions in whatever form it wishes to ask, to receive the correct answer.

The donater can ask as many questions as he wants for as long as he wants to a maximum of 2 hours.

The donater will have to possess at the end of the question session a almost complete understanding of the idea.

This is the only question that will be asked by the interviewer, apart from the introductory questions, to gather only the relevant information from the donater:

Preferred name:

National Insurance Number:

Current address:

Mobile phone:

Current smartphone device: (AndoidOS only)

Current Windows account email:

Only preferred name is asked before the donater question session is successful. If unsuccessful the donater will not be asked any further questions that collect information.

The donater has to accept before being booked for a question session that all this process will be video recorded for both parties protection. And that failing to answer and provide all the information requested will be deemed a failure in completing the approval interview process. The donater can book as many sessions as he needs to complete a successful interview, but after a failed interview no new session can be book in the following 2 weeks.





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