Welcome to my digital blank page. A space dedicated to my love of writing, my passion for life’s moments. A virtual book to record the chapters of a story that life begged me to write. An outlet for the emotions of the soul that consume my every waking moment!

Everyone has an hidden talent, for years I’ve been searching for mine. I don’t know if writing is the one I was looking for, but I hope to fill your mind with wonder, at least for a while.

If you’re here because you know me or simply because this chaotic universe made you click this wee link, I hope you enjoy it and take from it whatever it is you need.

A huge thank you to Ana Cristina Morais and Koko Collage for all the help with the page.
Logo done by Ana Cristina Morais.

“Follow not the footsteps of the Masters. Seek what they sought!”

Inspired by Matsuo Bashō